Your participation in fundraising sends an important message that you believe in the mission and programs of our school, and also allows for us to provide a quality, child-centered education for every VMS student.

Contributions have the potential to generate matching funding
Many employers provide matching funding opportunities that could double your gift to VMS.

Visalia Montessori School thrives with successful fundraising and volunteerism
Parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends give generously of their time and financial resources to support the needs of our amazing school. VMS relies on this ongoing philanthropic support to maintain the excellence of its education. Visalia Montessori School’s mission is the basis for all fundraising efforts.

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Teacher Training and Professional Development Scholarships

Each year that VMS adds a classroom for the first five years, VMS will need to train at least one teacher. The quality of each teacher’s Montessori training is critical to the success of our school. We also enrich our exceptional teachers by providing access to conferences, workshops and educational speakers.

Classroom Materials and Technology

Enhance educational opportunities at VMS by providing students access to a full assortment of developmentally appropriate Montessori materials and technology in each classroom. The VMSPA will assist in purchasing materials and technology for students.

Student, Teacher, Parent and Community Projects

The possibilities are endless. Support student, teacher, and school-wide projects that further the school mission and enhance the learning environment for VMS students. Possibilities include a school garden, field trips, and work with adults in assisted living communities.

Tuition Assistance

Build support for increasing accessibility of Montessori education in the Central Valley. Tuition assistance is a need of many families who wish to send their children to a quality elementary Montessori school.