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Below are several materials that we will be ordering for our school. Click on the name of the item for a picture and detailed description. Please let us know which item(s) you would like to sponsor by adding an item to the shopping cart to donate to the VMSPA on PayPal.

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Art & Music

Art Prints 20
Timeline of Art 180
Conga Drum 55
Easel 275
Light Box 130


Elementary Continent Mats 125
Biome Reader Set 275
Land and Water Forms 60
Economic Geography 350
Pin Maps 975


Fraction Cabinet 425
Table of Pythagoras 200
Square Root Board 30


Upper Elementary Word Study 135
Detective Triangle/Adjective Exercise 50
Research Books 200
Reading Group Set of Books 25


Arithmetic Tables 40
Decimal Checkerboard 120
Upper Elementary Math Sequence 350
Advanced Bank Game 75


Atom Board 180
Scientific Classification 425
Human Torso 195
Aquarium 150
Terrarium 25


Chromebook 300
iPad 700
Point and Shoot Camera 150

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